Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 months


Happy half-birthday baby!  A year ago, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my maternity suit I bought from Old Navy because (I thought) my rapidly expanding belly was too big for my bikini.  Now, I am anxiously awaiting the prints I ordered from your 6 month pictures.  Boy do things change in a year.  

You now weigh 20lb 1oz and are 27 inches long.  Believe it or not, you are beginning to thin out a little.  Your legs are still chunky, but your belly and arms aren't as big.  I'm attributing your thinning out to your increase in movement.  You are rolling everywhere and when you aren't rolling, you are bouncing.  You love to bounce in your jumperoo and in our laps.  

You started solids this month and as always, you love eating.  You have had bananas, avocado, squash, carrots, apples, pears, sweet potato, peas, green beans (big fail), and chicken.  You also are a fan of Mum Mums and puffs.  The other day your Nani gave you a few bites of her Jimmy Johns bread and you were in heaven...that was just a special treat for now though!  Here you are eating a Mum Mum:

Along with eating "real" food twice a day, you are also nursing at least 6 times a day without any signs of dropping a session.  You aren't awake enough hours in a day to get 6 sessions in so you go to sleep around 7pm, wake up to eat at 10pm, and then are down for the night until 6am.  Now that you can roll, we find you in many different positions when we wake up in the morning.  The butt in the air position is definitely my favorite!

This month we finally got past you sleeping on us for naps.  After many failed no-cry techniques we opted to try a modified Ferber.  We let you cry, but would check on you every 5 minutes.  The first nap you cried for 30 heart wrenching minutes.  After that, you did great!  You now can put yourself to sleep on your own.  You still only take 40 minute naps, but I feel like I can get a lot accomplished in that amount of time.

You are wearing all different sizes now, depending on what type of clothing you are wearing.  You wear 6 months in t-shirts.  You are in 6-12 and 12-18 months in onesies because your body is so darn long.  In one piece outfits, you are in 12-18 months...again because of your long body.  A few weeks ago I found a huge consignment sale that happens twice a year.  I bought your whole summer wardrobes and spent $140 on an estimated $600 worth of clothes.  Here you are in your new (to you) Gymboree outfit:

We just permanently installed your convertible car seat in my car.  You definitely like it much better than your infant seat.  We still have the infant seat installed for trips to the grocery store, but you are in your convertible seat 95% of the time.  Here you are taking a nap in it on a trip to visit your Nani and Papaw:

You've been super cute this month.  Here are some of my favorite pictures: