Sunday, December 6, 2009

2 months


You are 2 months old already! Time is flying by.

You are 12lb 12oz and 23 inches long. It’s not a surprise you are gaining weight so quickly. You are eating 5oz six times a day. You also started nursing some as well.

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You met your extended family this month. Here is a picture of you and your great great grandma:

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This month you have made a lot of progress. You are holding your head up during tummy time, smiling a ton, and sitting up if we hold your hands.

You are sleeping longer, but still not through the night. We bought you a Swaddle Me and you love it.

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You just moved into size 1-2 diapers and are wearing size 0-3 pants and 3-6 month onesies and sleepers. You have grown to have a long body and short legs.

You had your 2 month pictures taken today and you did great. I love them all, but these are my favorites:

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You are such a wonderful baby. We can’t wait to see you grow in the next month.

Friday, November 6, 2009

1 month


I can't believe you are already a month old! It feels like just yesterday I was meeting you for the first time and now you're already growing into such a big boy. Here's what you've been up to:

For the first 2.5 weeks of your life your Nani was your mom while I was still in the hospital. I must say she did a great job and you two really bonded. I don't think your dad and I will ever be able to say thank you enough. Here you are with your Nani. She was the 3rd person to hold you.

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You now weigh 10lb 12oz. You pediatrician was very happy with how well you are gaining weight. You now have a little belly on you and I love it.

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You are eating 2.5oz every 3 hours around the clock. You don't like to go back to sleep after your 3am feeding and it makes mommy and daddy really tired.

You took your first trip to Evansville this week. You did great and we only had to stop once to feed you.

You are wearing newborn and 0-3 month clothes, but you will soon be in all 0-3. You have moved up to size 1 diapers.

You got your 1 month pictures this week. You cried most of the time, but the pictures still turned out great.

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You are now sleeping in our room now. If I get my way, it's where you'll stay for a long time!

Tomorrow you are meeting all of your extended family and friends for the first time. We are very excited for everyone to meet you and see how precious you are in real life.

I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Birth Story + my post delivery hell.

I think I'm finally ready to write this out. While Henry's actual birth didn't include any horrible complications, afterwards can only be described as the worst time of my life.

October 5, 2009 started out just like any other day. I had to go in for my bi-weekly non stress test thanks to Henry being stubborn and not wanting to move much some days. I just so happened to have my 40 week appointment that day so I scheduled it before hoping I would be in labor and could skip the 30 minutes of laying on my left side clicking a button. I was not in labor, but after a ton of begging (which had been going on for 2 weeks- I'll explain my reasoning later) and an elevated BP reading my Dr scheduled my induction for the next day. I happily skipped off to my NST all while telling Henry that I needed him to be good during the NST because I had a lot to do before the next morning.

As always, Henry didn't listen. He refused to move and his heart rate kept dropping into the 120's and then shooting up into the 180's. The nurse sent me home and told me after the Dr looked at my NST results that she'd call me. 2 hours later I was packed up and on the way to the hospital to be induced.

We got to the hospital around 2pm and hung out until 4 when my Dr came in to check me. Just as I thought...barely effaced, maybe fingertip dilated, and Henry's head was high. Just as I'd done for the previous 2 weeks, I told the Dr that he hadn't dropped because he was stuck on my hip. Around 4:30 I was started on cytotec to soften my cervix. I started to get a few contractions, but nothing too painful. I didn't sleep the whole night because I was just too excited.

The next morning the Dr came in and checked change and surprise surprise Henry hadn't dropped. Nevertheless they started me on Pitocin and oh my god contractions really suck. Since I wasn't progressing I couldn't get an epidural and the pain meds they gave me only worked for about an hour. Around 5pm my contractions started to get unbearable. I seriously wanted to kill anyone in the room who dared to make a sound. At 7pm I started throwing up and that's when I declared if Henry hadn't dropped that I was finished.

At 7:30pm the Dr checked me again and I hadn't made any progress. He told me they'd turn off the pitocin and start the next day. I told him if he stopped the pitocin that I was leaving and not coming back. I told him to cut me open and get Henry out. I knew he was stuck and I felt like something was wrong. He obliged and at 8pm I was being wheeled into the OR. I had never been so scared in all of my life.

I started to have an internal panic attack when I got into the room and told the nurse I was going to die. I almost called off the whole thing, but I knew that wasn't an option. The spinal was a breeze and once I was numb I knew there was no turning back. I continued to throw up while the anesthesiologist pumped me full of nausea meds. When Andrew was allowed in the room they had already had me cut open (I had no idea).

The c-section was so easy. I felt a little tugging, but no pressure or anything. I got a little nervous when I heard the Dr asking for a vacuum, but a minute later they said "dad get your camera ready. Here he comes." Guess where the camera was...In Andrews jeans pocket which was inside his suit they had him put on. I remember saying "Andrew!" in a condescending tone, but our quick thinking (and wonderful) anesthesiologist ripped open Andrew's suit just in time for him to get pictures of Henry being pulled out.

Henry was born at 8:30pm on October 6, 2009. He weighed in at 8lb 90z and was indeed very stuck (which I knew all along). The Dr said he would've never been born vaginally and that made me feel good that I made the right decision.

Most moms will say the moment they heard their baby cry they were in love. That wasn't the case for me. Henry screamed like I had never heard a baby scream before. It was not cute and being on all of the pain meds I was on I thought "What the heck kind of sound is that." I was happy he was healthy, but that honestly was the extent of love I felt for him at the time.

After Henry was cleaned up we were rolled into the recovery room where my mom was waiting. I continued to throw up and was pumped full of phenergan so that's where my memories of his birth stop. I faintly remember the nurse holding my boob while Henry nursed, but then I passed out.

The next morning I woke up and realized that I had in fact had a baby. We were discharged 2 days later and that is where my post-delivery hell began.

The second night we were home I developed a horrible backache. I blamed it on the birth and went on with my night. The next night my back hurt so bad that I had to have Andrew get up with Henry. I honestly couldn't take the crying when I was in so much pain. Later that night my stomach started hurting as well. The next morning I woke up and I had rolls on my ankles. I was a little alarmed so I called my Drs office. The nurse assured me this was totally normal and was because I was pumped full of fluids.

That afternoon I started really hurting. This is also when I started to resent Henry. I hated his crying and thought "why can't he just shut up." I hated having to pump for him to eat and was sure we had made a huge mistake. I ended up calling the Dr the next morning and went in for an appointment. That is when I heard the horrible words "You need to go to the hospital now and check yourself in." I just broke down in tears. I had a 5 day old baby and he wanted me to go to the hospital. I ended up taking Henry in with me and had all intentions of keeping him in my room until thankfully some mom logic kicked in and I realized the hospital was not for a baby.

I was at the hospital for 3 days. I was hooked up to an IV and eventually diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Apparently I started to develop it at the end of my pregnancy. The last 2 weeks of my pregnancy I had a feeling something was wrong. I begged for an induction, but Drs don't schedule inductions because of mommy instinct...even if it's correct. My blood pressure shot up and I was put on Magnesium Sulfate (aka the medicine of the devil). The mag sulfate made me feel horrible and I just sat in bed feeling sorry for myself. On the morning of the 3rd day the nurse let me know my liver enzymes weren't dropping and I was stuck at the hospital for another night. I seriously thought I was going to lose it. I finally cut a deal with the Dr and she said if my numbers went down later in the day that I could go home. Luckily they did and I was on my way to see my baby.

Right when I got home Henry started crying and I instantly resented him again. I cried because I was so afraid to be alone with him and was so worried I'd hurt him in some way. I have never been so scared of myself in my life. I didn't know how I could have such thoughts. This went on for a two days (luckily my mom was staying with us) until I started feeling like I had a fever. I called the Dr and he wanted to send my back to the hospital again.

By this point I was totally numb. My emotions were so screwed up and I wasn't myself at all. I ended up being in the hospital for 3 more days. While I was there my temperature went up to 103 and I swore I had bacterial meningitis and was dying (like I said my brain was going nuts). I cried and cried and finally my fever broke. I ended up being diagnosed with mastitis and a secondary infection they couldn't figure out. I was sent home with antibiotics.

The first night I was home I was a little nervous because of my previous mental state, but the next morning I woke up and felt like I totally different person. I still wasn't bonded with Henry, but I felt like he was mine and actually liked him.

My mom finally left a week after she planned and I was alone with my baby. Now that I was alone I decided to pull out the front pack. I used it all day and hurt my neck so I made an appointment with my Dr. Sure enough I had a pulled muscle in my neck and while I was there I mentioned that I had found a lump in my breast. He sent me for a breast ultrasound where they classified my lump as "suspicious" and I was scheduled the next day for a biopsy.

The biopsy sucked, but not nearly as bad as the wait for the results. Every time I looked at Henry I would cry because I was so afraid of leaving him momless (me being dramatic again). Finally after 36 hours of waiting I got my lump was from pregnancy/breastfeeding. I picked Henry up and gave him the biggest hug.

And here I am a month later. I am healthy and feel like the luckiest girl alive. Henry is amazing. Sometimes I just stare at him and wonder how Andrew and I could've made someone so perfect. I would do anything for him and feel so protective of him. He is better than I could've even imagined and even though I feel like I went through hell, I would do it again for him.

Here are some newborn pictures for you. I personally think he's the cutest baby ever.

Friday, October 16, 2009

He's here!

He is a wonderful baby and super cute! That's about all I have the energy to write about right now.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My son's a piggy

He is measuring 8lb 11oz. If that isn't scary enough...his belly is measuring 41w1d, which is about 2 weeks ahead. Holy moly!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

39 weeks

Ahhh 39 weeks! We've almost made it to the end. It's still hard to imagine that we will have a baby living in our house in a week or so, but we will.

After a week of a lot of pain, anxiousness, and an overall horrible mood, I am happy to say I am feeling great this week. I still have the aches and pains, but they aren't nearly as bad as they were. Mentally, I am calm and 100% ready. I am not stressing out about when he is going to come, but I am not comfortable going much past my EDD, so if he stays in too long we will have to give him a little help.

Last week I ended up going to the Dr twice because Henry wasn't moving as much. Because of his lack of movement, I now have to go for Non-Stress Tests twice a week to be monitored. Henry has been doing great, but sometimes he doesn't want to be woken up and will make the nurse use her noise maker on my stomach. My next regular appointment is tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some news about when he's coming.

* How far along?: 39 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 1.2 pounds this week.
* How big is baby?: He should be about 7lb 11oz and 20 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: I only have 3 shirts that fit me again.
* Stretch marks?: Yep
* Sleep?: Rolling over is tough, but overall I'm getting a lot of rest.
* Best moment this week?: Realizing I am going to meet my little guy in a week!
* Movement?: He's a little less active, but he is running out of room.
* Food cravings?: Anything and everything. I am hungry all of the time!
* Labor signs?: None that really mean anything.
* Belly button in or out?: Out
* What I'm looking forward to: Meeting Henry
* Milestone: Henry is ready to be if we could just let him know that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

38 weeks

2 weeks left and I'm tired, sore, and sleep deprived (not nearly as sleep deprived as I'll be)....what can I expect though.

I had my 38 week appointment today where my Dr said he'd gladly induce me if I was at least 3cm dilated...I wasn't dilated at all so no induction for me. He also sent me for a growth ultrasound because he thought I was carrying a 10 pounder. I'm not, but my big boy is 7lb 7oz and has a ton of hair! He also isn't engaged in my pelvis yet and *could* turn, but he won't because he's a good boy.

So now we are playing the wait and see game. I was a little worked up after my appointment because I just want an eviction date for my little man. I really can't wait for him to meet his daddy and the rest of his family, but I've resolved myself to the fact that he will come on his own. I am taking this one week at a time. I've gotten through 38 weeks already. I can get through 1 or 2 more.

* How far along?: 38 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 2.8 pounds this week.
* How big is baby?: 7lb 7oz and about 19 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: I'm mostly hanging out in sweats.
* Stretch marks?: Yep
* Sleep?: I snore now so Andrew leaves me in the middle of the night :(
* Best moment this week?: Getting to check on Henry during my ultrasound.
* Movement?: He likes to run his feet back and forth on my side.
* Food cravings?: Avocados...the best food ever.
* Labor signs?: Barely effaced, not dilated, some cervix bumping, and a few contractions.
* Belly button in or out?: Out
* What I miss: I don't really have anything specific.
* What I'm looking forward to: Meeting my baby!
* Milestone: My placenta is grade 3 which is a good indicator that Henry's lungs are mature.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

37 weeks

We are finally at the full-term mark and now all we have to do it wait. Starting last night, Andrew and I started telling Henry that it's time to come out. I doubt he's listening, but it's worth a try.

I have been having a few more contractions today and am really nauseous. I even got sick in my kitchen sink this's been quite a long time since I've done that.

* How far along?: 37 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 1.4 pounds this week.
* How big is baby?: He should be around 6.5 pounds and 19 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Only when I have to go out. When I'm at home I let my belly hang out of my pre-pregnancy shirts.
* Stretch marks?: Yep
* Sleep?: sucks
* Best moment this week?: Getting most of my freezer meals finished.
* Movement?: He is starting to slow down, but still moving a lot.
* Food cravings?: I'm not a huge fan of food right now.
* Labor signs?: We'll see in about an hour.
* Belly button in or out?: Out
* What I miss: Being able to walk without waddling.
* What I'm looking forward to: My appointment this afternoon.
* Milestone: Henry is a full-term baby now!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've never been so happy to have a droopy belly!

It looks like Henry has decided to drop a ton today. My Dr said once he drops that I would probably start dilating. I am crossing my fingers he is right. We are so ready to meet our little man.

This is hideous, but I feel like an illustration of his drop is needed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

36 weeks

36 weeks and only 28 days to go! At my appointment today, my Dr reminded me that next week I will be full-term and that Henry will be big enough to be born (like I could forget!). While I can't imagine becoming a mom in 7 days, I would definitely love it!

Henry has started dropping this week and I am feeling a lot of pressure. I sometimes feel like he is going to fall out when I'm walking around. My Dr said he still has to drop some more and that I will start feeling even more pressure. My whole body feels like it's falling apart. My back, hips, knees, and ankles hurt all of the time. My hands and feet are swollen and my belly is heavy. As much as it all sucks (for lack of a better word), I am almost at the end and my baby boy will be totally worth all of the pain.

* How far along?: 36 weeks.
* Total weight gain: too much
* How big is baby?: He should be around 6 pounds and 18.5 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: I am in love with my Gap under the belly jeans.
* Stretch marks?: Yep
* Sleep?: I get up to pee like 6 times a night now, but I am still getting enough rest.
* Best moment this week?: Getting to eat Pizza King...yum!
* Movement?: See video below.
* Food cravings?: Cheese sticks and avocados
* Labor signs?: My cervix is starting to soften!!
* Belly button in or out?: Out
* What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.
* What I'm looking forward to: the weekend
* Milestone: Henry is head down and starting to drop.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

35 weeks

35 weeks and only 35 days until my due date! 35 days is soon, but right now I am looking forward to September 16th because that is the day I'm going to start having eviction talks with Henry. I can't wait to meet him...can you tell?

This week we had our first childbirth class. I walked in the room and most of the girls were hardly pregnant...ok they were probably in their 25th week, but there is a huge difference between 25 and 35 weeks. So we talked about false labor, all while I was experiencing it and about how Kegels are important...ooops it's a little too late for those now! I may have signed up a little late, but I did learn a lot too. The last 45 minutes of the class was "mommy massage" time. Andrew is supposed to give me a full body massage twice a day from now until labor, but so far I haven't gotten one.

I am feeling good this week. I wake up to pee a lot in the middle of the night and then find myself having a hard time falling back to sleep because I'm thinking so much. I just lay in bed thinking about how much our lives are going to change and how instead of getting up to pee I will be getting up to take care of my little man. It's all a little overwhelming, but I am 100% ready.

There is not much to say about my belly picture. I'm huge and will continue to be huge for the next month. The jeans I have on are my new Gap under the belly jeans and they are the most amazing jeans ever.

* How far along?: 35 weeks.
* Total weight gain: Up to 33.6 goal of 35 pounds is slowly going out the window!
* How big is baby?: He should be around 5.5-6 pounds and 18.5 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Gap Maternity is wonderful...too bad I didn't discover it until 35 weeks.
* Stretch marks?: Lets not talk about them.
* Sleep?: I'm still getting my 8 (or more) hours a night.
* Best moment this week?: My "mommy massage"
* Movement?: A ton.
* Food cravings?: Avocados
* Labor signs?: A little bit of false labor.
* Belly button in or out?: Out
* What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.
* What I'm looking forward to: My 36 week appt where they'll check for progress.
* Milestone: Henry not has coordinated reflexes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

34 weeks

6 weeks left until my due date and only 20 days until Henry is full-term! I am so ready for him to be here, but at the same time I cannot even imagine how different my life will be.

This week has been pretty boring as far as baby related things. We had to go to the hospital last week because I was having some contraction, but it turned out to be nothing so they sent us home. I was glad because I don't think Henry is ready to come just yet. I've been having some contractions off and on still and they are painful enough where I have to stop and breathe for a minute. I can only imagine how painful they are going to become! Henry is moving around like normal. He has found my bladder and has a fun time kicking it especially if I am walking for more than 20 minutes.

I had my 34 weeks appointment today and my Dr assured me that Henry is still head down and that he is going to stay that way. I hope he's right because I do not want a C-section if I can keep from it. I am measuring perfectly and my weight gain is *finally* starting to settle down. I lost .4 pounds this week despite my swollen hands and feet. I will go in two weeks for my first internal and am hoping to see some progress. After that appointment I will go once a week until I deliver.

* How far along?: 34 weeks.
* Total weight gain: Down .4 lb this week despite eating like a pig while my mom was visiting.
* How big is baby?: He should be around 5.2-5.6 pounds and 18 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: I wish I had more that fit!
* Stretch marks?: Still only on my sides.
* Sleep?: Wonderful again!
* Best moment this week?: Hanging out with my mom.
* Movement?: A lot of pushing and rolling.
* Food cravings?: Carbs
* Labor signs?: Some painful contractions off and on, but I have a feeling we still have a while.
* Belly button in or out?: Barely out.
* What I miss: Shopping at regular stores.
* What I'm looking forward to: Our anniversary and childbirth class this week.
* Milestone: Henry is head down and ready to go!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear Henry,

You are showing more and more of Mommy's personality everyday, but can you please not be quite as impatient as her. We are very excited to meet you, but having contractions at 33 weeks may be a little early! As much as mommy loves Labor and Delivery's sonic-like ice, she doesn't like being hooked up to machines and sitting in the uncomfortable triage beds. Can you please stay put for the next 3.5-6 weeks. We would really appreciate it!


Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

33 weeks

27 days and counting until I'm 37 weeks. Then, it's just a waiting game until he decides he's ready to meet us! I keep growing and growing and am a lot bigger than I ever imagined. Andrew agrees, but we both know we were naive because when you're 5'2" there isn't anywhere for a baby to go except out. I am feel better than I imagined though. For some reason I imagined myself as a blob on a couch once I hit 32 weeks. I'm glad that isn't the case.

I have finally started sleeping better and have a ton of energy. I have been cooking and cleaning like a nut and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I may try to find a few freezer meals I can make ahead of time so that we aren't eating a ton of carryout the first week or two that Henry is home.

Time has slowed down now that I am getting closer to giving birth. My mom is visiting me Sunday-Wednesday this week (ok, honestly she is really coming to stay with me because I don't like staying home alone when Andrew is out of town, but it will still be a lot of fun) and then one of our friends from college is coming to stay with us the next weekend. Our anniversary is on the 31st which happens to be our first childbirth class...what a fun way to spend our 1st anniversary haha. Hopefully all of those plans will help time move faster!

I don't know if there is a big change in my week to week pictures now, but I feel like I'm getting larger. I took a head on picture just for fun. I definitely have a round belly!

How far along? 33 weeks.
Total weight gain: 32 pounds.
Baby's weight: 4.6-5lbs and 17 inches long.
Maternity clothes? I mostly wear sweat pants because I stay at home. I only have a few maternity shirts that fit me now.
Sleep: Pretty good.
Best moment this week: Nothing stands out. I'm just happy my little man is still cooking in my belly.
Movement: He's a nut.
Gender: Boy for sure!
Labor Signs: A few contractions, but nothing that's making me any closer to labor.
Belly Button in or out? So close to being out, but not quite.
What I miss: Shopping at regular stores.
What I am looking forward to: My mom coming to visit me.
Milestones: We only have about a month and a half to go!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

32 weeks

In less than 2 months we are going to have a baby living in our house! I think the reality of it is setting in. One thing that isn't setting in is the realization that I actually have to push him out...I think I will keep that in the back of my mind until I'm actually doing it.

I'm feeling ok this week. I am having trouble sleeping, but am able to take naps during the day. I started getting a little more swollen this week and can no longer wear my wedding band. Other than those two things and the normal aches and pains, I am feeling a lot better than I imagined I would. I figured by this time all I'd want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV, but I am actually more active now than I have been since the beginning of my pregnancy.

My nesting instinct has set in! I am all about cleaning and organizing. I organized our closet one day when Andrew was at work and this past weekend we cleaned out our basement. It just so happens that a charity was coming around our neighborhood so we were able to donate a lot of the stuff we didn't really need anymore. The stuff that wasn't nice enough to donate is going out on the curb this week. Andrew has also started checking things off his list as well. I think he is starting to realize that time is running out.

Picture of my closet

Henry has been doing what he does best...hurting me He has been constantly pushing, rolling, kicking , and hiccuping. He found my ribs this week and has been kicking them when I lay in a position he doesn't like. He is definitely like this momma!

* How far along?: 32 weeks.
* Total weight gain: Up 31 pounds.
* How big is baby?: He should be about 4.2-4.4 pounds and 16.7 inches now.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: On my sides, but that's it.
* Sleep?: Horrible
* Best moment this week?: Getting our basement cleaned out.
* Movement?: A ton of rolls, pushes, and hiccups.
* Food cravings?: Grapes.
* Labor signs?: A few BH here and there.
* Belly button in or out?: In in the mornings and out by the evening.
* What I miss: Being able to wear my rings.
* What I'm looking forward to: The weekend so we can get more projects finished.
* Milestone: Henry's kidneys are now fully developed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

31 weeks

31 weeks today which means we are only 9 weeks away from 40 weeks (6 week from full-term)! We have pretty much everything we need and are just trying to get a few things done around the house that we probably won't have time for once Henry gets here.

I have been feeling a lot better this week. I have figured out how to get Henry to change positions when he is hurting me and have learned the best way to sleep so that I'm not sore in the mornings. Speaking of sleep...I have been sleeping about 10 hours a night. I am so happy I can do this right now (props to my amazing husband and his amazing job!) because I know it won't last forever.

The jeans in my first picture are my size 4 pre-pregnancy jeans. I am actually surprised they still fit me except in the waist....obviously. They are my goal jeans and I plan on wearing them to Christmas Eve this year! In my second picture you can see my stretch marks on my side. They aren't beautiful, but I'm willing to take them if it means Henry is growing big and strong.

* How far along?: 31 weeks.
* Total weight gain: I forgot to weigh this week. I will do it tomorrow.
* How big is baby?: He should be about 4 pounds and 16 inches now.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: See above picture.
* Sleep?: Good , but interrupted by kicks and hiccups!
* Best moment this week?: Finishing a few things on our to-do list.
* Movement?: A ton of rolls, pushes, and hiccups.
* Food cravings?: Pizza
* Labor signs?: 4 or 5 painful BH contractions a day now.
* Belly button in or out?: Still in...I lost my bet with Andrew. I thought it would be out by now.
* What I miss: Nothing really, except jeans that have a zipper.
* What I'm looking forward to: Our childbirth class at the end of this month.
* Milestone: Henry is getting chubby and is not longer wrinkly.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

30 weeks

10 weeks left until I'm 40 weeks! I will be full term (37 weeks) on September 16th and I am making sure Henry understands that once we hit that date that he is welcome to come whenever he's ready!

I have started to get pretty uncomfortable this week. During the daytime I'm usually ok except when Henry decides he is going to try to escape through the side of my stomach. It doesn't matter how much I try to get him to quit pushing he just keeps doing it. Nighttime on the other hand is horrible. I can't breathe if I lay on my back which means I'm stuck on my side. Henry doesn't like me laying on my side and kicks me constantly. Once I do get to sleep I usually have to change sides once every 2 hours because I get sore. Once I roll over Henry wakes up and starts kicking me again. It's a horrible cycle and I feel so exhaused all of the time. As much as I hate being uncomfortable, I know it will all be worth it in 2 months when I meet the only person I've ever been willing to take this much abuse from!

I still haven't scanned in my baby shower pictures yet. I will eventually and will post them.

* How far along?: 30 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 26.6 pounds.
* How big is baby?: 3lb 7 oz! He's such a big boy!
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: A few on my sides.
* Sleep?: Horrible. I actually dread it now.
* Best moment this week?: Realizing we have everything we need for Henry. Now we're just waiting for him to grow enough to be an outside baby!
* Movement?: He thinks my side is an escape route.
* Food cravings?: Sweet cherries.
* Labor signs?: A few BH contractions.
* Belly button in or out?: Almost flat now.
* What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.
* What I'm looking forward to: Our hospital tour.
* Milestone: Henry's eyesight is developing.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

29 weeks

This is 4 days late and there isn't much to say. I had my 29 week appointment on Thursday. My mom was up here so I had her go with me. We waited for over an hour and a half just to see the Dr for about 2 minutes. Then, both Drs that were in the office (who I've never met) basically ignored me while shaking my mom's hand and asking her how she was. I guess they thought I was her pregnant teenage daughter or something.

We also had our 3D ultrasound on Thursday. It was really neat to see Henry again. He looks exactly like Andrew when he was a baby and nothing like me. He already has a tiny bit of hair and hopefully he will grow a little more in the next 10 weeks. He kept his foot up near his face the whole time. He is in a head down position with his legs up by his head. That explains why I feel hiccups and kicks really low.

I also had my showers last weekend. Once I get some pictures I will post them.

* How far along?: 29 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 24.6 pounds. That's only .2 pounds this week!
* How big is baby?: He should be between 2.8-3.1 pounds and 15 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: A few on my sides.
* Sleep?: Wonderful
* Best moment this week?: 3D ultrasound
* Movement?: I started kick counts this week. He has an hour to get 10 movements in and usually gets them done in 2 minutes or less.
* Food cravings?: Nothing really.
* Labor signs?: A few BH contractions.
* Belly button in or out?: Almost flat now.
* What I miss: Rare steak
* What I'm looking forward to: Meeting Henry in a few months.
* Milestone: Henry's bones are fully developed now.

3D pictures

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

28 weeks

28 weeks and a huge growth spurt. I can now feel Henry kick down by my hips all while pushing his head out by my ribs. He is getting to be such a big boy!

I am feeling a ton of movement and have kind of figured out Henry's schedule...basically he is up all day and sleeps at night (yes!). Henry's new favorite thing is to push on my stomach and it really hurts sometimes. I can now differentiate between a butt/head and arm/leg. He has also found my ribs as of this morning and thinks it's funny to put his hand behind them.

I have been in a little more pain lately. My hips and back are pretty sore now and my knees and ankles are starting to hurt probably due to the extra 24 pounds they are carrying. Overall everything has been going pretty smooth though and I am thankful for every week he stays in my stomach and grows (it's amazing how you take something like that for granted until you have a friend with a preemie!).

My showers are this weekend and I am really excited. I am most excited about seeing my family and friends and showing off my big belly to them. Hopefully Henry will cooperate and let them feel him. He is pretty stubborn though (like his mom) so he will probably stay still the whole day!

* How far along?: 28 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 24.4 pounds. I'm not eating bad so I can't worry about it.
* How big is baby?: He should be between 2.4-2.75 pounds and 14.8 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: They keep growing :(
* Sleep?: Just ok.
* Best moment this week?: Feeling Henry's hiccups.
* Movement?: He's wild and sometimes it really hurts.
* Food cravings?: Cucumbers and pizza.
* Labor signs?: None that I know of.
* Belly button in or out?: Still in.
* What I miss: Not waddling.
* What I'm looking forward to: My showers this weekend.
* Milestone: Henry has eyelashes and can see light.

We also worked on the nursery this week and have it all organized (thanks mom!). I will leave you with some pictures.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

27 weeks

We are in the 3rd trimester! It seems like just yesterday I was tilting the pregnancy test back and forth wondering if I was just seeing things, but here we are 10 weeks from having a full-term baby...hopefully he will stay in a week or so longer though.

I have been feeling pretty good for the most part. The other night I had some horrible reflux though. I think it was the most painful thing that has happened so far. My belly is starting to feel heavy. When I sit way back on our couch I sometimes feel like it's holding me down and have to ask Andrew to give me a push when I want to stand up.

* How far along?: 27 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 20 so far...I have read this is a normal amount.
* How big is baby?: He should be between 2.2-2.4 pounds and 14.5 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: 4 on my side :(
* Sleep?: Wonderful. I can't get enough!
* Best moment this week?: Watching Henry kick the TV remote on my belly.
* Movement?: He has his crazy times and sleepy times.
* Food cravings?: Papa Johns pizza although I haven't given into it yet.
* Labor signs?: I had one BH contraction last night.
* Belly button in or out?: Still in.
* What I miss: Being able to run to the grocery store and not be gone for 2 hours.
* What I'm looking forward to: My showers in less than 2 weeks!
* Milestone: Henry has an 85% chance of survival if he was born today. It's not 100%, but is reassuring. He better stay put though!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

26 weeks!

98 days until Henry makes his appearance...whoa, where did the time go? I am so excited for October to get here so I can meet him, but I feel like there is a lot I have to do and even more I have to learn. Also, by this time next week I will be in the 3rd trimester.

I feel like I have really grown this week. Henry has been pretty quiet since last week so I think he has been using all of his energy to grow as well. Last night I had really bad pain on my right side and almost called the on call Dr, but I decided to wait and found out later my pain was coming from Henry's position. I guess I will be feeling some pain more and more now that Henry is getting so big.

* How far along?: 26 weeks.
* Total weight gain: I gained .8 pounds this week so that puts me at 17.4 total.
* How big is baby?: He should be between 1.8-2.2 pounds and 14 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes, my belly sticks out the bottom of my non-maternity pajama t-shirts now.
* Stretch marks?: Only a few.
* Sleep?: Other than more weird dreams (my mom being pregnant, a baby falling out of an airplane toilet, etc) it has been great!
* Best moment this week?: Discovering Boars Head salsalito turkey...yummm!
* Movement?: He was pretty quiet this week, but now I can feel him pushing against my stomach, especially when I'm leaning against something.
* Food cravings?: Turkey sub
* Labor signs?: None at all.
* Belly button in or out?: Still in for now.
* What I miss: Walking fast without getting crampy.
* What I'm looking forward to: 3 day weekend with my family!!!
* Milestone: Henry now has the ability to cry.