Wednesday, August 26, 2009

34 weeks

6 weeks left until my due date and only 20 days until Henry is full-term! I am so ready for him to be here, but at the same time I cannot even imagine how different my life will be.

This week has been pretty boring as far as baby related things. We had to go to the hospital last week because I was having some contraction, but it turned out to be nothing so they sent us home. I was glad because I don't think Henry is ready to come just yet. I've been having some contractions off and on still and they are painful enough where I have to stop and breathe for a minute. I can only imagine how painful they are going to become! Henry is moving around like normal. He has found my bladder and has a fun time kicking it especially if I am walking for more than 20 minutes.

I had my 34 weeks appointment today and my Dr assured me that Henry is still head down and that he is going to stay that way. I hope he's right because I do not want a C-section if I can keep from it. I am measuring perfectly and my weight gain is *finally* starting to settle down. I lost .4 pounds this week despite my swollen hands and feet. I will go in two weeks for my first internal and am hoping to see some progress. After that appointment I will go once a week until I deliver.

* How far along?: 34 weeks.
* Total weight gain: Down .4 lb this week despite eating like a pig while my mom was visiting.
* How big is baby?: He should be around 5.2-5.6 pounds and 18 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: I wish I had more that fit!
* Stretch marks?: Still only on my sides.
* Sleep?: Wonderful again!
* Best moment this week?: Hanging out with my mom.
* Movement?: A lot of pushing and rolling.
* Food cravings?: Carbs
* Labor signs?: Some painful contractions off and on, but I have a feeling we still have a while.
* Belly button in or out?: Barely out.
* What I miss: Shopping at regular stores.
* What I'm looking forward to: Our anniversary and childbirth class this week.
* Milestone: Henry is head down and ready to go!


  1. You look like you have dropped a little bit. Maybe it is just the way the picture looks. You look great!

  2. You are looking so good!! And he'll be here before you know it. I'm only 18 weeks, and I'm so anxious for our LO to get here.