Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 months


All I can say is Wow!  Who took my tiny newborn who only slept, ate, and cried and dropped off a baby who likes to play, imitate, and (try to) do things on his own.  I guess there is still one constant- you definitely enjoy eating!

You now weigh 18lb 15oz and are 26 3/4 inches long.  You haven't started solids yet, but I have a feeling they are coming soon.

You can now roll from your belly to your back and it is impossible to get you to do tummy time.  You are also beginning to sit up unassisted, but we still put the boppy behind you in case you fall.


This month we started using cloth diapers.  Mommy and daddy love them and so do you.  You've been sleeping longer at night since we started using them.  They are also very cute and between them and babylegs you sure do make a fashion statement.

Speaking of sleep, you are still sleeping on mom and dad for EVERY nap.  You are starting to get too big though and cannot get comfortable.  Something is going to have to be done...we just don't know which route we are going to go just yet.

Although mommy is still your #1 woman, you have found another girl you really love.  Lucy is her name and she is a 50lb boxer.  You love petting and trying to eat her.  If mommy turns away for a minute you better bet your face is covered in doggy slobber!  

You are nursing 6-7 times a day and usually sleeping from 8pm to 6am.  

You are wearing size 6-9 and 6-12 month pants and onesies.  I bought you onesie extenders because your body is so long and we can usually get away with putting you in some of your old 3-6 month onesies when we use them.  We now understand why people told us not to buy too many clothes ahead of time.  Here you are in an outfit mommy bought you for this summer.  Although your daddy and Papaw may tell you it's a dress, it's not!

We had our first (and hopefully last) big snowfall at the beginning of this month.  You didn't like going outside when it was actually snowing, but you enjoyed sitting in it once it had stopped.

You are getting professional pictures (real ones, not picture people) next month, but until then here are some of my favorites.


  1. Where did you get the onsie extenders? We are having the same problem with onsies fitting his width but not his length. I've resorted to buying sleepers without feet.

  2. I think that we are going to have a big boy too...he is not even two months, and he is getting ready to be out of his 0-3 month clothes, and he is almost 12 lb. already! It's unreal! :)