Monday, March 1, 2010

Call me a hippie...

it's alright, my husband does. 

Henry is officially a cloth diapered baby and we love it! The picture above is just the beginning of our cloth diaper stash. As I type this, I have 24 bumGenius pocket diapers on the way. We tried 6 different brands of diapers and the bG pockets are definitely our favorite. With disposables, we would have numerous leaks and blowouts. So far we haven't had either. Henry has also been sleeping better...I think he likes the cloth on his tush.
Here is Henry sporting one of his new diapers

If you are interested in cloth diapering, I highly recommend the "try cloth for 10" program. You pay $150 to try 10ish diapers for 21 days. When you return them you get $140 back. Try cloth for $10


  1. Woo! We love our cloth diapers too! I'm more of a fitteds girl, though. :D

  2. Love this! We CDed our little one for a little over a year but then had major leak issues with our beloved BGs. It was too much for daycare to deal with and I was frustrated with having 24 BG diapers that weren't working and no time/money/energy to research new CDs. I will definitely try the "Try cloth for 10" the next go around to find my new favorite CD. Good for you hippie:)