Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year was Henry's first "real" Halloween. He was only 3 weeks old his first Halloween and was pretty much clueless about what was happening during his second Halloween. He was a very cute little elephant though!

This year was a totally different story! We started out about a month ago by letting him pick out his costume. He decided he wanted to be a baseball player (A was watching a ton of baseball at the time). Ok so easy enough and he loved it the first couple of times he wore it to pre-Halloween events.

The night before Halloween Henry randomly decided he wanted to be a pumpkin. Luckily, we bought a pumpkin costume last year that he never wore. Here is his official trick or treating outfit. He makes an adorable pumpkin if you ask me and he only got called a girl twice :)

Henry had a ton of fun TOTing and even got the hang of saying TOT and thank you. He's definitely sad it's over, but he's enjoying a piece of candy or two each day.  Only 363 days until next year!  More than likely you'll see a cute little girl named Eleanor dressed in her big brother pumpkin outfit.

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