Wednesday, April 8, 2009

14 weeks.

Today, we are 14 weeks. There is nothing too exciting going on at this stage. I'm out of the 1st trimester, but it is too early to feel any movement. My morning sickness is back again. I lost 2 pounds this week, putting me down 4 pounds overall. Even though I'm losing weight, the baby is still growing and that is all that matters.

We had our 13 week appointment last Thursday. We got to hear the HB on the doppler which was pretty cool. Our Dr also thought it would be a good idea to tell us we are having a boy. He based this off of the baby's heartbeat, the Chinese calender, and how uncooperative he was at the ultrasound. Andrew has his hopes up now. I guess we will see when we have our big ultrasound in the middle of May.

My belly picture actually has a belly in it now! I can tell a huge difference from a few weeks ago.

How far along? 14 weeks!!!
Total weight gain/loss: Down 4 pounds. Thanks to my m/s.
Maternity clothes? Just pants. The tops are still too big.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Pretty good, but I'm having crazy dreams now.
Best moment this week: Hearing baby's HB at my appointment.
Movement: Still can't feel it.
Food cravings: Carrots, apples, bagels
Gender: It has to be a boy because a girl wouldn't treat her mom like this.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Rare steaks.
What I am looking forward to: Vacations.
Weekly Wisdom: No wisdom this week.
Milestones: Ordered the nursery bedding.

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  1. I'm surprised your doctor said that, usually they steer clear of mentioning gender unless there was the u/s or amnio! They studied that heartbeat wivestale at a college in 2005 and found that it was false (sadly, as i hope it is right in my case for a little girl!).

    Cute belly! Can't wait for a baby belly instead of a bloat belly!