Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 weeks!

Woohoo! We are halfway there! If we want to go by the rule that Henry is full term at 38 weeks, we are more than halfway there! This week has been one of 2nd trimester bliss (finally!!). I am feeling great. My morning sickness has been gone for 4 days. I mean totally gone...I don't even feel nauseous when I wake up. The cold I have been dealing with for months is finally starting to make it out of my system and I am getting my energy back. Maybe this pregnancy thing isn't so bad!

This week Henry's movement has really picked up. He is starting to roll around and will respond to me when I mess with him. On Sunday night I was laying in bed and he was going crazy. I put my hand on my stomach and he kicked me hard. I had Andrew try and it took a few kicks and rolls, but he felt him too. It is neat and weird at the same time to feel another human just hanging out in my stomach.

I can no longer wear my original belly picture shirt. It is was too short now. My stomach is growing like crazy now. I am starting to get a line up my stomach, but I won't torture you with a picture of it. I am almost in shock when I look at my stomach in the mirror now. I just can't believe that belly is on me!

* How far along?: 20 weeks.
* Total weight gain: 7.6 pounds. I probably should start eating healthier now that I am feeling better.
* How big is baby?: Last Thursday he was 10oz.
* Maternity clothes?: Bottoms and some tops.
* Stretch marks?: No, but I am getting the oh so beautiful linea nigra.
* Sleep?: Horrible. I can't wait for my Snoogle from Andrew's parents!
* Best moment this week?: Feeling Henry kick on the outside.
* Movement?: I feel him everyday. He is most active at night.
* Food cravings?: Baked potatoes and corn.
* Labor signs?: None.
* Belly button in or out?: Still in.
* What I miss: Sleep.
* What I'm looking forward to: The Taste of Cincinnati. Yumm gyros!
* Milestone: Henry can swallow now!


  1. Yay, congrats! You look so great.

  2. You look great Amy! Congrats on the halfway mark!

  3. Look at that belly!! You look great!!!

  4. Wow! You're doing great on the weight gain! Great pics!

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