Wednesday, June 17, 2009

24 weeks!

24 weeks today and there isn't much going on. My morning sickness came back one day, but it's gone again. Henry has been full of energy lately. His favorite time to kick is around 5am. I think my bump is bigger this week. It's hard to tell from the picture though.

* How far along?: 24 weeks.
* Total weight gain: I gained 1.2 pounds this week so that puts me at 14.4 total.
* How big is baby?: 1.3-1.5 pounds and 8.7 inches long.
* Maternity clothes?: Yes.
* Stretch marks?: Only 2, but they are really light.
* Sleep?: Last night Andrew slept in the guest bedroom and it was great having our bed to myself. I don't want to make a habit out of it though.
* Best moment this week?: Getting our glider!
* Movement?: A ton.
* Food cravings?: Smiley Potatoes
* Labor signs?: None at all.
* Belly button in or out?: In.
* What I miss: Sleeping without the fan on full blast.
* What I'm looking forward to: Putting together our glider.
* Milestone: Henry is developing taste buds.

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